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And they're off...

APEX in EBS SIG First Meeting

It was with a great pleasure and some excitment that the newly created APEX in EBS SIG hosted its first meeting at the last Collaborate 17 conference last April.

Oracle Application Express (APEX) is getting a lot of attention in organizations using EBS and need to create extensions to satisfy specific business requirements.  It seems totally normal that OAUG would help developers and business owners getting the most of APEX in the context of EBS by sharing ideas, successes or just exchange amongs people having the same interest in this technology.

During the first meeting, we asked the attendees what they would like to talk about in the coming months and years with regards with APEX in EBS.  The conversation was very lively and we were able to list all sort of subjects that users and developers are interested to hear about.  Below is the recap of topics we would like to cover in the APEX in EBS group:

  • Cloning steps for Database, APEX, Glassfish and ORDS
  • External facing APEX applications: what needs to be done?
  • How to preserve private report in interactive report
  • Migration / Upgrades: Impacts on APEX
  • R12.2 online patching and APEX upgrades
  • Application servers pros and cons for glassfish, weblogic and tomcat
  • Architecture: how to convince your DBA?
  • I have Weblogic for soa, can I use ords ?
  • Licensing questions when developing APEX extensions on EBS
  • Mobile security (vpn / https)
  • ORDS on db server: Is it Feasible?
  • R12.2 WebLogic and APEX what are the specifics?
  • SSO for EBS-APEX comparisons
  • How to access multiple instance with 1 web server?
  • APEX Application compare tools and methods and open source tools
  • Best (and worse) Practices when developing EBS-APEX extensions
  • What are the development standards when creating APEX application in EBS?
  • Difference between views and materialize views for APEX point of view
  • Discussions on the various Excel uploads to APEX/EBS
  • How to do pixel perfect report or excel (AOP / pl/pdf / labels / etc.)
  • How to transact in APEX for EBS data objects (TCA invoices, etc.)
  • Leverage EBS workflow
  • Multi developer environment and large applications strategies
  • Plug in used / evaluations pros and cons
  • Scheduling in APEX (IR email subscription / dbms_job.scheduler / EBS concurrent programs)
  • Security / related to database / connections / etc.: reasons for not parsing to APPS
  • Starter applications from Oracle?

 As you can see, there is a lot to cover...  This is why this group has been created!

We will make sure to bring the knowledge you need to this group by having the best presenters and success stories to a conference or through webinars in the coming months.  I hope you will join this group and be an active part of this vibrant APEX community.  

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